ORUA helps water utilities such as Thames Water create robust water resource management plans

ORUA and ICS Consulting (UK) have partnered to help water utilities such as Thames Water to create robust water resource management plans.

ORUA have developed an optimisation model for water resource planning that takes into account future uncertainty about water supply and demand. Their model also includes customers’ willingness- to-pay for any restrictions that a water utility might need to deploy during adverse weather events, e.g., a drought. Water utilities, such as Thames Water, can use ORUA’s model to create robust plans for the future that invest in new water resources when and where needed and have mitigation strategies ready for extreme weather events.

ORUA have partnered with ICS Consulting (UK) to provide their expertise to water utilities. ORUA’s model is embedded within ICS Consulting’s data management and UI console to provide an innovative, state-of-the-art long term planning tool for water utilities both in the UK and around the world.