ORUA are developing algorithms for Sutong Express to reduce their logistics costs

Sutong Express delivers 10,000 shipments per week in the Yangtze triangle area that includes Shanghai and Hangzhou. In some cases they deliver express shipments that need to be delivered within 48 hours.

ORUA has partnered with ICT delivery company Cloudyo to provide improved logistics ICT and planning for Sutong. ORUA is developing customised algorithms to:

  1. Re-design regular routes, in particular the timing of the routes;
  2. Assign shipments to (one or more) routes as they move between distribution centres;
  3. Allocate trucks to regular routes, balancing the cost of the trucks vs the volume of shipments along the routes;
  4. Determine when special, one-off truck routes are needed to meet shipment demand. ORUA and Cloudyo expect to automate and streamline Sutong’s logistics planning and management and provide them with a competitive edge for the future.