Steel & Tube works with ORUA to create a digital twin of Steel & Tube’s steel slitting lines.


ORUA and Steel& Tube (S&T) have partnered to create an “experimentable” digital twin of S&T steel coil slitting lines. The digital twin uses simulation technology with real-world data sources to produce accurate models of the slitting lines.

Digital twins are the convergence of real-world data and sophisticated modelling to create virtual copies of real-world systems in the digital space. Decision makers and analysts can use digital twins to better understand real-world systems and the effect of decisions within these systems.

The digital twin is shown in the video to the left with two slitting lines: Red Bud Slitting Line and Slitting Line 1 being simulated. Workers check the line before loading a coil, prepping the line and then slitting the coil. Other workers set up the arbors for the lines and pack the coils once they have been slit.

Using the digital twin S&T could explore how their production plan affected the throughout of the slitting lines.