ORUA is part of the Development of Inductive Power Technology (IPT) Roadway Charging Systems research programme. Our researchers have used genetic algorithms to provide innovative designs for IPT pads that will be placed in the road and wirelessly charge electric vehicles.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash 

ORUA is contributing to the Development of IPT for Roadway Charging Systems research programme by using multi-objective genetical algorithms (GAs) to produce innovative, effective designs for IPT charging pads.

ORUA researchers are working with Prof. Grant Covic and his team to automatically search the design space for IPT pads that will be embedded in the roadway and wirelessly charge electric vehicles (EVs). By using a generic mathematical model for multi-objective design problems, ORUA has been able to employ its GAs to support design of a number different pads. These pad designs provide good power transfer to vehicles, but also ensure that the magnetic fields providing the wireless charging don’t “leak” around the sides or the bottom of the pad. Hence, effective, safe charging of EVs using these pads can be achieved.