ORUA works with Citrix and Hewlett Packard tooptimise the performance of ICT systems

ORUA has worked with Hewlett Packard to design large ICT infrastructure and is collaborating with Citrix to create innovative internet cafes and computing laboratories.

Early incarnations of ORUA worked with Hewlett Packard to use optimisation for designing innovative large storage networks. This work progressed to the optimal design of large, disk-based data storage archives in a collaboration with IT Services at the University of Auckland.

ORUA’s research into the intelligent orchestration of ICT infrastructure has most recently involved collaborating with Citrix to create an innovative, dynamic cloud-based lab/café environment that efficiently provides virtual desktops with high performance graphics capability. ORUA combines measurement, modelling and optimisation to create ICT systems with the best performance possible.

Watch a short video on ORUA’s work on cloud orchestration.